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Other software than Inkscape (laserweb)

For those who don’t like Inkscape and/or want to combine cutting and engraving in one go, there is laserweb.

Setting it up might be tricky but once you get it configured and work out its functionality than it is rather powerful. Make sure you select in Machine ‘grbl’ and in laser raster the setting laser cutting = 1000 (default set to 1) Feedrate=1000 (default set to 1). You can load a picture for engraving in the file section but you still need to drag it into the raster section. I will post some pictures in this section soon to simplify the configuration.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Will try this program later tonight.  Could not figure out where to configure Inkscape to see the serial port (it is seen by the computer).  This program is a little more intuitive and I use a standard CAD package for line drawing anyhow.  Will post the settings if I get it working.

A new option is LightBurn, it is not free, but only $30 for a very professionaly developed software package.

+1 for LightBurn, VERY nice, and works very well with this setup.  I have some samples posted in the showcase on this forum of results..  I was hesitant to post the software I was using as I didnt want to step over the Inkscape plugin work, but very easy to use, and very under priced.  Very responsive, and still being developed as we speak.


While I find LightBurn has some nice features I am seeing an issue where the image aspect ratio is not correct when I send it to the gerbil.  I see where a 50mm x 50mm square ends up burning as a 5mm hight x 40mm width.  The folks at LightBurn say to change the x-steps/mm which sounds logical but that should mean that the Inkscape plugin won't work correctly.  I guess I will simply widen my images by 20% and see if that helps.  I would prefer that some of the Lightburn features could be added to the plugin - I suspect Paul is already heading in that direction.  In the meanwhile - is anyone else seeing this flaw?  The inkscape plugin aspect is correct - just the LightBurn aspect is off.

Well, as it turned out, the Inkscape plugin also wound up with a 50x40 square so I adjusted the $100 value to 162 and I get a 50x50 square in both Inkscape and LaserBurn.  Problem goes away.

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