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Original Gerbil vs Min

I bought the original Gerbil around 12 months ago, and I must admit, I feel a little left out here. Info on your site, seems to all now be for the mini and no references to the original in any recent posts.

So, is there any benefit in upgrading to the min, or is it not worth it?

Hi, the forum has all the Gerbil content. I have added a few categories for the Mini Gerbil. The difference is just 32 Bits 72MHz instead of 8 Bits, 16 MHz clock. So speed is overall hugely improved (7x faster) and the sandwich construction has been replaced by a single PCB. Also we have added polarity protection and PTC resetable fuses to protect the Laser power supply from too much stepper motor current draw since the laser power supply has not proper shortage current protection.

So if you don't need speed improvement than I would stick with the legacy Gerbil.

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Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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