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Optical Limit Switches Not Working

Hello everyone!  So, I just installed my Mini Gerbil in my new K40.  The K40 has a ribbon cable, and it has optical limit switches.  Before installing the Mini Gerbil, the machine would automatically stop like it should at the X and Y axis.  After installing my MG, it continues to deadhead in all directions.  It will not home, I have to keep turning it off.  I was able to tell it not to home, so I have eliminated it grinding to a halt.  I did do a test cut, it did great.  I know everything is working properly, with exception of the optical limit switches.    Is there something I need to do to activate those optical limit switches?  I'm pulling my hair out over here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Smestephens,

There are a few articles on the k40 forum on how to debug the optical limits (ribbon). It is probably related to a missing power to the optical limits switches.

See Limit switches and homing

and a few similar issues



MiniGerbil Troubleshooting Guide

Hope this helps...

cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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