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New Mini Gerbil and Rotary Switch issues

I'm having some issues with my rotary switch.

When either the rotary or the y-axis are plugged in to the Mini-Gerbil, they work fine, jog whatever distance required, as designed.

When either (or both) of them are plugged into the rotary switch, in any configuration, the axis will move and then instantly move back to where it was, instead of jogging the distance requested.


It also makes a hell of a noise.


Any ideas?



Edit: Can my last name be removed from my profile please, The edit button doesn't work.

Hi Mick,

I've updated your profile - done.

This is the first issue we've had with a rotary switch! So I have a few questions:

Could you send me a photo of the installation (with both cables attached) please? Could you advise if there's any metal in contact with anypart of the switch? It should be mounted on the plastic standoffs.

When you say instantly move back, I guess you mean the step distance is very small, say, less than a mm?

When you say 'makes a hell of a noise' are you talking about one stepper motor, or both simultaneously?





I'll take some video tomorrow.


It's on the stand offs, mounted where suggested.

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