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need help MiniGerbil does not work


I have installed everything accourding to description and prooved all  several times. Also veryfied that 5V and 24V reach the board at the right place (see attached image).

When I turn on the laser nothing happens. No light shines on the board.
When I put the jumper to 5V-USB, then light shines (shown on second image).

Now I can access the board via Light Burn Console. Comands like $$ are processed properly. I made all necessary setting like $27 to mechanical switch, adopting size of my laser etc.

But at the laser no movement or anything happens. When I use the pointing tool in LB the console says "Stream Completed" but the laser does not move. Same when I click on the Frame Button in LB. After clicking home button in LB I receive Alarm 8. After pressing start butten in LB the software is processing the job with the processbar/time counter... But the laser is doing nothing - only the control-lamp for aktive laser is lighting as if the laser would be processing the job. But the laser and the motors are doing nothing.

My question: Is it normal that the board only runs with USB-5V although external 5V is available. Is it possible that the board is not processing the external 24V like it is not processing the external 5V? Please help me.

Thanks Arne

Sorry I have previously posted this in the Gerbil Forum instead of the mini Gerbil Forum

Uploaded files:
  • External5V.jpg
  • USB5V.jpg


in addition to the information in my previous post - this is the result of the end switches test.


On comand $X nothing moves. Accourding to the troubleshouting guide I replaced the step sticks but that did not change the situation in any way.

You guys have any suggestions? Please help me.


I did not expect that there is absolutly no help or reaction. I paid nearby 100 $ for a board that does not work and I get 0.0 % attention or help from you. No reply - nothing.

You obviously sent me a broken product. I will send it back now. I want my money back!


Hi Arne, my apologies but we got spammed and our email within our website went down.

Happy to help you out and you can get a full refund it this does not work out. Please contact us via the email address below the web site (gmail) and we sort it out for you,

Cheers, Paul and Dan

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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