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Mini Gerbil unresponsive after storage.

Hi, Back in March I packed away my K40 and prior to that it and the Mini Gerbil were working ok. I recently set it up again in my small workshop and found when I connected power and USB and turned the K40 on no LED's lit up on the Mini Gerbil. I checked the power supply connector to the Mini and got the required 24 and 5V at the end of the connector cable that attaches to the Mini. Any ideas what could have happened? As I said, it has been stored with no connection to any power in all that time.


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Hi Mick,

haven't heard that before! I've looked through the nearest wikipedia page and wonder if any of the following might apply to your physical environment:
* temperature extremes - anything outside of say 5'C and 40'C
* moisture/corrosion - high humidity, proximity to salt water
* direct sunlight or exposure to other radiation. Is it correct to say the K40 was not plugged in during the hiatus? If so, no grounding would be present to discharge static electricity - do you tend to get static electricity shocks in your climate?
* dust
* vibration - eg. was it next to any other equipment, motors, saws, pumps, doors slamming?
* mechanical stress - how is the Mini Gerbil attached in your K40? Is it screwed in place, if so, is it under any tension or compression?

Please let me know if any of the above applied.  If not we'll organise a replacement as there should be no reason why it should stop working over that time frame.


Thanks for the reply Dan. I'm in Melbourne so the temperature extremes for that part of the year wouldn't come into it. We had a mild winter and no really hot days up until now. I am nowhere near the ocean unfortunately so no salty atmosphere and no high humidity either.  The machine isn't subject to the Suns rays at anytime, it's in a workshop with few windows. I wasn't plugged into the wall, I haven't noticed any static build ups here, atmosphere is never that dry really, and there is a concrete floor, no synthetic materials that may lead  to a build up of static. No dust to speak of, I have sanders hooked up to a vacuum system so it works well at keeping the dust down as well as a filter in the ceiling. No vibration from other equipment.

The Mini Gerbil was connected to the K40 but not bolted down. It was held in position with a low adhesion double sided tape where the Moshi board used to be.

It is a mystery to me why it just appears to have failed when not being used.



Michael Newsome


Thanks for the update Michael.

I'll contact you by email to organise next steps.

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