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Mini-Gerbil: possible to use two stepper-motors on y-axis?

Hey Guys,

my first K40 is up and running with the mini-gerbil!
I just had the possibility to get another defective K40 which I am just rebuilding. As this rebuild extends the possible build-space to its maximum, I would like to use 2 Stepper-Motors on the Y-axis (so left an right).

I would really like to use Mini-Gerbil as Controller again, but is it possible to "clone" the Y-axis stepper and connect another Motor to the Mini-Gerbil?

Thanks a lot & best regards,

Hi, you can wire up two stepper motors parallel. Just connect the same coloured wires.  However the k40 psu can only deliver about 1Amp. Higher consumption does short out the psu and burn out the schottky diode.  It can be fixed simply by replacing the diode in the k40 psu. However check the stepper motor specs and probably use an external power supply for the stepper motors (24v dc input on the MG board).

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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