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Mini Gerbil issues after sparking/new psu

Hooked up a new power supply last month that I was never able to get working.  During my testing I had powered everything on and noticed sparking from the left most power pin (the black wire on mine) the ground?  I then ripped out the psu and ordered another one.

Now with this new one all hooked up I am not receiving any movement from my Y axis.  Works when I hook it up to the x axis pins though.  I'm not sure if the previous psu fried it or something?  I don't know how to test that out.

Any ideas?

Hi you can swap the X and Y axis step sticks (tiny little pcbs on the mini). If the issue swapped over then the step stick is fried and you need to replace it (eBay) or let us know, we can ship one too. If the issue persist then it could be a wire issue or a bind stepper motor.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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