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MG3 Controller Issues

After having my MG2 board for a number of years, it finally gave up the other day - which is fine. So I ordered a MG3 board as I think these boards are great. However, after using it for a couple of hours I have a significant issue...

Using the same 2020 MacBook Pro and USB cable as before everything was working as it should last night. Engraved and cut some jobs as normal, shut everything down and turned back on this morning to continue working...5 seconds into a cut the computer crashes and restarts. I tried again, same thing happened.

Unplugged everything, ran Apple Diagnostics - no issues found. Even with the machine unplugged, my Mac now crashes and restarts.

OS is up to date, the computer is solid and an absolute work horse, had absolutely no issues until I used this board...can anyone shed any light?


Many thanks

Photo of wiring

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No one able to offer any advice?

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