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Maximum power supply voltage

What is the maximum voltage that can be supplied with a separate power supply? I have a separate 32vDC power supply that I would like to use to power the stepper drivers. Does the Mini Gerbil support a 32VDC power supply? The step sticks seem to support up to 35VDC max. I'm not sure if there are other components on the mini gerbil that this could damage?

Is there an electrical schematic for the mini gerbil?


Hi Nathan,

I'll chase Paul the Mini Gerbil designer on that and will have to get back to you.


Hi Nathan.

In summary, the Mini Gerbil is designed for 24Vdc because the K40 power supply has limited capacity to supply anything more.

The following information will be useful to you if you're an electrical engineer and are prepared to modify your Mini Gerbil, otherwise, you'll need to find a 24V DC supply.

Specifically, the PTC fuse F1 near power connector J3 for the motor supply circuit is rated 24vdc, 1 Amp to protect the k40 power supply so you might need to replace it with a higher rated PTC fuse or bridge it. The electrolytic capacitors are rated 50V dc. The rule of thumb is to spec them twice the applied voltage value so ideally don't go over 25V dc. I guess they will with stand 32Vdc since they are quality components. You can replace them with 63V dc rated capacitors to be on the safe side.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Thank you, makes sense.

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