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Major headache

  1. Installing a  mini gerbil v2  into   a 5040  laser    and replaced power supply also
  2. Tried it  got  it  to  move   etc  but  wont  fire  at all
  3. Got a diagram  of my  wires  but  still  baffled
  4. New to all this   so please  be  gentle lol
  5. Ordered a ma meter as this  one is the digital  one
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Hi Shaun,

I googled 5040 laser and found this link, please confirm this is what you've got https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32315846861.html

Here's a photo of power supplies from the above link:

Which I guess is what your drawing relates to?

There's dozens of different laser units out there and we don't own all of them, so we haven't got a pre-canned wiring solution for the 5040. But we have helped many laser owners get their laser sorted when they can patiently provide us all the details we need.

Best way to start is a good quality (high resolution, with good lighting) photo of your power supplies, so the terminal labels can be seen.

Keep in mind that for a laser to operate it needs two signals: the PWM and the LO. Your drawing shows the PWM connected, but where have you connected the Gerbil's LO to?



  1. Got  it  working by  looks of  it   dan fingers crossed   im  thing  I'm  trying  to work out  now  is power settings  its all new  to me   im  not  sure  what  the  silver  box  is  at side  of  pic you sent  me   mine  had  a circuit board  sort  of thing   at side
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Ok, good to hear. Stay safe.

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