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M2 Nano mainboard have problem can not cut Square

Hi Everyone,

I am New in Laser user. I have DIY install M2 Nano controller laser to CNC Router . Before cutting I can move laser head to any direction with correctly (Up ,Down, Left ,Right). The problem is I am try to cut square they are can cut only one way can not going back (See in picture ).More Describe see in picture start with X-Axis cut to the right then Y-Axis go to Down then X-Axis go to the left last on Y-Axis go to down. If normal must going up to make square picture. Once i swap the wiring on stepping motor  they are going opposite but not can not cut square.  I think something wrong with the controller. Any Suggestion or check point i can check . Thank you very much.

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Please post your gcode file and I'll be happy to look at it.  If you can jog directions correctly, then perhaps the gcode is in error.  How was it generated?

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