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Lightburn Help

Just installed my new mini gerbil and am a new LightBurn user.  I am able to connect to the laser and get it to home properly, however when I attempt to engrave an image (or cut a box), the laser moves to its starting point, begins to fire, but then immediately stops.  I also notice that with the laser switch turned off, everything seems to work fine and the laser moves through its progression properly.  If I turn the laser switch back on, it doesn't work.  I've also noticed that if I lower my speed/power way down, I can get it to work (with the laser switch on)....but it obviously barely makes a mark on the material because of the low speed/power.

I'm not near my laser now so I can't output my LightBurn settings, but I thought I'd post on the off chance that someone could share some advice?  TIA.

Thanks to Paul for helping me resolve this issue.  My K40 was not properly grounded...the connection was loose right off of the AC power input.  Tightened the connector and all is well now.

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