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Lightburn baud rate?


I just got a Mini Gerbil for my K40, and I am driving it with the latest LightBurn (V0.9.02) and the "Gerbil-STM" driver.

It seem to work pretty well, but I noticed that there is no setting anywhere in LightBurn for the baud rate.  Does the latest version of LightBurn auto-magically set up the correct baud rate?



Hi Doug, on the old V0.8.02 version of LightBurn you could set the baud rate. Unfortunately, the developer of LightBurn decided to hide that away from the user. Now it is configured in the device driver (Gerbil-STM). Default setting is 230400 Baud which should be fast enough for fast engraving.

If you want higher speeds, I suggest to contact LightBurn and see if he is willing to add the baudrate feature again or stream G-code via CNCjs. You can change the Mini Gerbil firmware settings but it would require a reflash and a $2 programmer (ST LINK V2). I can change the firmware for you and post it here if that is what you're after. Note: when flashed to 480000 baud you can still connect to it via lower baudrates!

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Thanks for the explanation.  As long as it is working the way it is supposed to, I don't have any need to mess with the baud rate.

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