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lazer not fireing

just purchased a k40.... set it up ok...everything works ie: software. water pump.. all ok.... went to test fire laser and all it does is make a buzzing noise from the button... the light lights up when I press the test button but nothing comes from the laser to the first mirror... I put the paper on the mirror but nothing.

I uploaded a film to YouTube the link is     https://youtu.be/0yAveET6NjA

any help please....

If you have not figured it out yet:

Just a shot in the dark, but place a piece of paper in front of the laser tube between the laser and 1st mirror, large piece of paper.

When I received my K40, the laser wasn't even hitting the first mirror. It was actually hitting the aluminum ring that holds the mirror,  I placed a piece of notebook paper in front of the laser to figure that out.

I watched your video and it sounds like the laser is firing, or least I can hear the crackle like mine makes.

Also you can set the $31 laser mode to cnc mode which allows the laser to fire when the gantry is not moving. Great to align the laser mirrors. Issue a M3 or M4 S100 to fire the laser.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

I have the same problem, once I got the load buzzing like you did I took the pwm control wire off and wired back in the original wire from my digital power controller, hit the test button and got a loader screeching/arcing sound coming from either the test button or the power supply I can't tell because the lid was closed. did my power supply just go bad? I have no visible signs or arcing on or around the high voltage tube + wire. do I have to disconnect all the wire going to the original digital power controller when using my new gerbil?

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