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Latest mini gerbil print

Here is a print dithered in PaintShop Pro using a script from Sean Murray that I found on the Facebook page That Dude With A Lazer at https://www.facebook.com/groups/250911899106529/.  PaintShop Pro is on sale for 75.00 US and Sean's script is free if you join That Dude With A Lazer.  I have found that this software does a great job with dithered images and I have been able to make great burns of pictures that I have not been able to work with until now.  The print was burned with Lightburn using the pass thru option in cuts - you would not get the same quality without pass thru because Lightburn would re-process the image and change the result.

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i used this script the other month and got bad results.

Using passthrough the image was terrible but as soon as i switched it to grey scale its looked alot better but i got some abnormalities on the image.

this one same focal point same speed etc but pass through enabled in LB



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this one exact same image processed with the same script but set to grey scale:

makes no sense but this is how my laser is engraving these images and i cannot find a solution.



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Yes it can take a bit of experimentation to get some pictures right. Sometimes the original contains noise which you can't see until you engraved it.  I suggest to process it with paint.net and apply s ome autocorrect in levels. This reminds me to write a second blog about calibration with a standard picture so you know that the set up works and you have a proper reference point. Keeps updated on your progress and publish your picture so I can replicate the process and see if it is indeed the picture or something else.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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