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Laser not firing

I've just installed new mini gerbil, followed the install instructions. Can move head left right, homing works great. Laser don't fire. Pic attached shows connections. Nothing shows on mA meter. No noise. Seems as if everything else is good, just no laser, both from the lightburn fire button, and the test fire on the k40.

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Hi, in order to fire the laser the following conditions must be met:

  1. LO terminal must be 0V (controlled via Mini Gerbil)
  2. WP water protect must be 0V (hard wired to Gnd ground)
  3. Laser must be moving (unless the Mini Gerbil is in CNC mode $32=0)
  4. IN terminal gets a PWM signal (controlled via Mini Gerbil)

So you can test the conditions one by one and see where it fails.

re.1 you can hard wire the K40 power supply terminal LO to gnd

re.4 you can hook up a potmeter 5k (whisker/middle goes to IN on the K40 power supply and the  outer pins of the potmeter to 5V and Gnd)

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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