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Laser Fires and Offset Problems

Good day to you all.

I have some problems and I don’t know exactly is it caused by me. First everytime my Laptop (inkscape 0.92.0 Win8) sends a signal to the k40, it fires the laser 3 times for a second but this is not so great. You also hear the relais clicking every time you connect the usb cable.

next problem is the canvas position and the position resulting by laser cut and engraving.

i often engrave first and after that, I cut it out. The position of the two Inkscape plug ins are different. So when i engrave and later try to cut out on same position, it is different. Also when I mirror the y axis. That makes it a bit different and takes some time to align the right border.

it would be great to have an option in the engraving plug in for later frame cut out.

and a last problem. When I try to engrave in grayscale and leave the option “color to greyscale conversion” on default (0.21R + 0.71G + 0.07B) the laser only moves the x axis for minutes without any engraving. The y axis does not move.

when I select “max color” or something else, the laser starts engraving as it should do.

did somebody has an advise or help with these issues?

Thanks and best regards



Hi Steven, the clicking is normally as the controller boots up. You’re supposed to reset and home the machine first $x and $h.

leave the fire button on the k40 open untill you are ready to cut or engrave.

when doing both engrave and cut, make sure both are on the same canvas with the same size.

also ensure you always home the machine so you have avalid zero reference. This works well for me. I agree that cut and engrave should be combined into one plugin to make it more integrated. It’s on the to do list. The 256 engrave will not skip white space which is annoying. It’s also on the to do list, hopefully I get around that soon.

Cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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