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laser doesn't fire exactly faster than 50mm/s with my K40

Hey guys,

I have some issues with ma K40 & Mini Gerbil.


If I want to engrave faster than 50mm/s the tube doesn't fire fast enough. If I have thin parts the mA-Meter doesn't move.

I have compared the speeds on slate ... as attached. Same picture - only different speeds. You see the small parts aren't lasered 🙁
I used the $values Paul posted. Do I have to change some settings or anything?!

I use laserweb, because I am a Mac User.


thanks for your help guys

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Hi Phil,

It seems to me that there is an issue with the IN signal reference. If that does not go to zero but say hangs at 0.5V then you get this type of symptoms.

I suggest to re-seat the big connector on the Mini Gerbil. Sometimes there is a bit of space between the header and connector. The internal prongs sometimes move up in the connector housing. So use a tweezer and push the wire/prong carefully back in the housing. Especially the first wire for the LO laser one signal and third for the GND (ground).

If that does not help then have a try with a free trial version of LightBurn and see if there is a difference so we can exclude any software / config issues.

Please let me know your findings and if this helps.

Cheers Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Hey Paul, thanks for your answer.

I re-seated all connectors - but with no success. I previosly installed the trial from LightBurn but didn't use - so my trial is expired.

But I think I found the reason of my problem.
I didn't know that I have to give more power to the tube if I go faster.
The previous test was with 16% ... Yesterday I did some grayscales with different speeds on slate.
Then I ran the same picture as shown in the first post with 200mm/s with about 50% power than nearly everything was lasered - not this precise I want, but there I have to experiment and find out the right relationship between speed and power that I don't need as much time but with the Laser-results I want to have.

Do you have some experiences what are good speeds for the K40 that it engraves nearly precise?

Or can I modify some $values to decrease maybe the acceleration?! Can that improve my laser results?!

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