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K40 Schematic

I have uploaded the K40 shield and the power supply schematics.

K40 shield; gives you insight in the connections.

PSU faults: The output rectifier diodes are the main failure points (ticking psu, flashing red led). Replace these diodes with HER308G or FR307 (fast recovery diodes). In the photo you can see them in the front. I did cut the old ones out and soldered new diodes on top of the cut off leads. This saved me time otherwise you have to disassemble the whole laser/pcb/case to get to the bottom of the pcb. (Yes it's a bit untidy but works for me)

Uploaded files:
  • k40PSU.jpg
  • ShieldSchematic.jpg
  • diodes-replacepsuk40.jpg
Cheers, Paul awesome.tech


Do you, by any chance have a more detailed (and more recent) version of the PSU schematic? I am having trouble working out exactly what the connections are.


Is this the result of your reverse engineering or is there another source of information I can look into?


Hi this schematic was created by me a few years ago. Don Kleinschulz has a website http://donsthings.blogspot.com/2017/01/k40-lps-configuration-and-wiring.html?m=1

Thus might have a newer updated version. What are you after specifically? Cheers Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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