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K40 producing lots of Dots in engraving

Haven't used the K40 for a long while now,
but now when I try using it, it will produce lots of Dots in my engraving.

I am using Lightburn, and when I use Engrave + Line, the Line will get "ghosted" a few millimiters off the orignal Text.

When I switch from ppm to manual Power, the Dots don't appear. So I guess it is not the Tube nor the Power supply.

I am using the 1st gen K40 Controller, which was funded on Kickstarter,
is there a Firmware Update available which I could try?

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Hi Mario,
this is a really difficult one! This is definitenly not a known issue, there is no firmware fix.

Could you please explain what you mean when you say 'switch from PWM to manual power'? What is manual power? Do you mean you connect the K40's original dial to the K40 Power Supply's IN terminal? I hope you disconnect the Gerbil's output when you do this, otherwise it will be damaged.

If you don't think it's the tube or power supply, then it probably is the controller. The Kickstarter controller was our first version, and has reached the end of its life.

Each controller we've designed has included improvements to make it a robust long term product.


Hi Dan,

thanks for replying.
I installed a Switch when I recieved my Gerbil, to switch between Gerbil "IN" output to the power suppy and the K40's Dial.

I just wanted to buy the v3 of the Gerbil, but I don't get a Shipping Option for Austria / Europe.
The Shop says that I should contact Support, but I don't see an Email Address anywhere 🙂



Our email address is support@awesome.tech



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