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k40 and lightburn not workig

Hi I have just change the nano m2 mother board with the Mini Gerbil and I install the trial version of lightburn . when I import file svg I have the following message and when I send drawings that I have done in lightburn is working. Any suggestions

Uploaded files:
  • 119599463_3096811477094908_8939930682087719205_n.jpg
  • 119671377_3096811650428224_1086336309430516567_n.jpg
  • 119708594_3096811730428216_8008702182951756526_n.jpg
  • 119741450_3096811517094904_2894149265729530557_n.jpg
  • 119787786_3096811497094906_1584197632774910265_n.jpg

Hi, from what I can see is that the Mini Gerbil does connect well with Lightburn. Pls can you expand on what is not working? Does the machine home to the top left corner? Are the motors running when using the jog move arrows?

Are you using the correct device driver in Lightburn? (STM-Gerbil)

Pls let us know and we can further assist. Cheers Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

I think that I have the write driver because when I make a drawing in lightburn some times is working. The machine stay at the position that have   stop end give error . is not all the time the same error some time is error 8 sometime is error 9 or what I have post

hi Paul any ideal why can non have stable connection with the laser

Hi Chris, you might have a defect cable or grounding issue or a bad gerbil. We can replace it when you have no success with the first two (cable and ground).

For grounding see K40 laser grounding instructions

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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