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Ever since i switch over the the mini girbil board i can not run over 100 mm/s i had no problems with the stock LIHUIYU M Main Board running 150-200mm/s is there somewhere in the config file i can change this to fix it?


Hi Riley,

The speed on the Mini Gerbil is not so accurate (it's actually higher then indicated) and Dan will do some speeds test to show the actual speed.

You can change the speed settings of the mini Gerbil via $100 for the x axis and $110 for the Y axis.

On a well setup machine we use $100=12000 and $101=8000 anything higher and the gantry loose steps in 1/16th micro step mode for the step sticks.

You can actually get higher speed by setting the stepper drivers in 1/8th micro step resolution instead of 1/16th. Just remove jumper MS3 under each step stick. However you need to half the step resolution in $100 and 101 to 80 steps instead of 157 steps.

Note higher speed requires more power on the laser and the beam widens then (so you loose dot resolution).

Also don't expect too much of the K40 stock Gantry mechanism.


Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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