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Is there a Tutorial with Demo Files

Hi Paul,

as a Newbie to a Laser Cutter, I would love to see a (Video)-Tutorial with supplied Demo Files, where we are able to reproduce the Examples shown in the Tutorial.

Currently I am having troubles with aligning the Output from Engraving to Cutting. Using the same File in Inkscape with the Plugin streamed to the Laser, the Result does not match (Cutting to Engraving).

Also I am not very familiar with Inkscape, I would rather love to use a Cad Software or Illustrator, but what is the best procedure to get Designs of the Software Applications rastered / Cut on the K40.
I would love having Cut and Raster Graphics in the same File in different Layers. Is there anything of this possible with cncjs, laserweb,... in combination with Illustrator?

Yes you can align the cut and engraving via layers in Inkscape in combination with the homing option set so both are aligned. It's very easy to use but if you prefer you can use other programs like laser web or lightburn which has combined integrated cut and engrave (see http://LightBurnSoftware.com)

Alternatively you can create the raster engraving gcode file first (keep the canvas set to one size when you move to cutting) followed by cutting gcode file, both need to use homing or relative zero option (manually position the laser head). the last option returns to the relative zero after engraving or cutting so you start again from the same starting point or coordinates. It seems complex but after playing with a few basic small samples you get it quickly.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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