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Installed board now what?

I have installed the board into my k40 and the laser powers up. Ive tried using K40 Whisperer and Laserweb and nothing seems to recognize the new board.... What step did I miss?

I was able to remedy this. Now I cannot turn the laser off in laserweb when pausing or stopping. I have to power the k40 completely off.

I also have no laser power control

Ok, did you set the settings in LaserWeb for the command on and off? Also Laserweb has as parm for the S as max =1

You need to modify these to appropriate values like 2000 in <Settings>, <Gcode>,<Gcode end> M5, <Gcode homing> $H, <Tool on> M4, <Tool Off>, M5, <PWM min value>, 0, <PWM max value> 1000 (that's for my tube working well).

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Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Also a well known mistake is that people forget to drag the document into the next section and press the generate gcode button.

See picture below



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Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

The issue turned out to be the green jumper not in the correct postition. SOLVED

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