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Install two nema17

Hello.  I am expanding the k40 and I want to install the MiniGerbil, I would like to put 2 nema17 motors on the X axis, I guess they will be 24v but I do not know what amperage should I choose and if it is possible to connect the 2 monitors to the minigerbil, is that possible?

I connect the X with the flex cable (ribbon) , I would be free the connection I indicated on the board X axis, could you use that for another engine?

My idea is to change the 4988 for the DRV8825 and put 2 nema17 for 1amp.

Hi, yes the ribbon x connection is parallel to the break out x axis, so you can run two x motors parallel. The A4988 can be swapped for a DRV8825. Note that the MS1,2,3 bridges are different between those drivers.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Thanks for the reply.


What do you mean with bridges MS1,2,3? Should I change something else on the plate?

According to the connection scheme, all the pins coincide, attached images.


The only difference is to configure the micropasses, right?

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Yes the only difference is the micro steps. The A4988 can do 16 micro steps while the DRV8825 can do 32 micro steps. The MS1,2,3 are the bridges to configure the micro steps. If you run the drv in 32 micro steps then you $100,101 and 102 must double their steps (instead of 157 -> 314)

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech


Perfect, that if it has been clear to me.
Can I change only the X axis or should I change the two drivers?

Hi. I am extending my K40 to this model: http://replicantfx.com/k40-laser-cutter-rebuild-12x24in-2/ and I would like to know if changing the A4988 drivers for a DRV8825 in the minigerbil could put 2 X-axis motors and 2 other Y-axis motors (tapping cables) and limiting the motors to 0.8A, will the minigerbil hold?

Hi, yes that is all possible but you might need a separate power supply than the K40 stock PSU. (only delivers 1 amp at 24VDC). Ensure when using separate power supplies to have a common ground.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Thanks Paul!

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