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Install on 60W

I managed to pick up a cheap 60W generic red and white laser. Super happy with it out of the box but would like to install my mini Gerbil in and wanted to be safe and not sorry.

What's the correct way to install into this system? )it has 2 PSU's and ive not yet had time to trace all the wiring.



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Hi Mark, yes you can install the MG to drive this setup. Just make sure you keep the common gnd (ground) in place between the two power supplies and you will be fine.

Best way to install is to take lots of photos and draw a diagram.

Cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Further thoughts

  • get a sense of the stepper motor sizes - if they are much bigger than the K40 you may need external stepper motor drivers
  • be careful of interference - the cable trays contain a variety of wires which can cause interference, so you should keep your low voltage controller wires well away from them

We've got multiple customers who've got the MG working on the 60W units, so it is possible.

@paul thx, yeah filling the phone with photo's

I am struggling with the following from the installation guide
"Be sure to understand the use of the LO pin in combination with the PWM pin."
having taken a better look at my current setup there doesn't seem to be a pin currently in the LO pin? as you can see from the attached there isn't anything currently connected to the LO port.  Where would that be on my current PSU's (as shown before), I assume it will be  a pin on the black PSU? attached is an updated photo of the current M2


thanks, they appear to be standard 42mm NEMA17's from http://www.kde-motor.com, so i'm hoping that they will be fine as they are currently powered via the M2

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Hi Mark,

The LO signal is the Laser On or laser enable signal to turn on the Laser power supply via the controller. It seems it has not been used in your set up with the black power supply. On the black power supply there is a terminal with the label TL which does the same. Maybe you should check how TL is wired. Maybe it is wired to a switch on your machine.  Let me know and I can advise you further.

Cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech


thx Ive taken a look, the TL connection has 2 wires connected, 1 is heading to the control panel on the top, I assume its the "test fire" button on the panel. the 2nd seems to go to the M2 and the TL port (top right) (additional pic's added).

There is a "laser on" switch on the front of the machine which seems connected to

black PSU AC terminal and Mains power in.




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Hi Mark, excellent. The TL terminal on the power supply is the one you need to connect to the LO pin on the MG controller board. You need to disconnect the existing two wires (leave them together with a label and isolated so you can reinstall them in the future).

Let me know how it goes,

Cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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