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Install Drivers TB6600


Is it possible to connect the minigerbil to some TB6600 drivers ?, I want to put some nema17 of 1.7A and the DRV8825 get very hot





Yes you can, just insert male headers in the sockets and use the DIR, STEP and EN signals.

Alternatively you can use TB67S107 stepstick which has the same convenient foot print format which can deliver 4 Amp but you need to remove a pin from the driver since that is a 5V output instead of a 5V input.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Thanks for the reply.  I already have the TB6600 on the way, I imagine that I must configure them in full step and put the change of steps in the minigerbil right?  As with the DRV8825.

I have the TB6600 at home and I want to connect them to the minigerbil but I can't know where ... Can you help me? Where should I connect in the minigerbil what I mark in the driver image?


And another thing, FullStep these drivers (32 = 6400 micropulses) in the gerbil should I change from 158 to 316 right? Thank you

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