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InkScape locks up when APPLY button pressed

When I follow the instructions for the test burns, both cut and engrave attempts result in InkScape locking up and no action at all from the laser. Is this a processor power issue? Do I need to use a desktop with lots of RAM, or is this some kind of compatibility issue?

Along these lines, Paul, could you or another user please post an unedited youtube video showing an average engraving or cutting run? It could be helpful to see where your success and my failed attempt diverge...

Hi apologies for the late reply since I just saw this. The only reason that this would happen is that the communication between inkscape and gerbil fails. You can test this via a gcode sender like cncjs or laserweb. If that still happens with the gcode senders then I need to replace your gerbil otherwise it might be a permissions issue on inkscape. Make sure that the plugins in the share extensions folder do have appropriate rights to write files and execute. If this fails please send me or Dan a PM and we sort this out for you.

The video has been asked a lot in my recent survey. So yes, we are going to shoot an instructional video on the installation and inkscape plugins. I won’t feature in it since I’m too much a nerd version of mr.Bean but my Dan’s photogenic daughter has offered help to present this.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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