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Inkscape crashes Home

Gerbil installed fine, runs great with CNCjs, homing, cutting and engraving. Just having problems getting my mind wrapped around the laser power settings.

But if I attempt to stream using the inkscape extensions ( either one ) my gantry just crashes to home on Y and grinds away on X in the wrong direction, like it is not seeing the Y homing switch at all. If I go to invert axis or homing direction within grbl, CNCjs no longer homes correctly.

( By the way, bCNC is a good alternative to CNCjs if you have python installed or don't mind installing it)

I do not intend on streaming, but it annoys me that I can not figure this out, in case I want to stream.

Hey Gmonsey, you can read out the end/limit switches via the gcode command ‘ ?’.

just type $$ in the back box in cncjs and see what the config is. Then type in the ? Command and see what it says when the gantry is not in 0,0 and again when it is in 0,0. If should say x, y when the limit switches are engaged. You can invert the limit switches in the config as well. It might be that the limit switched wiring is picking up noise especially when the laser tube engages.

let me know what you find out!

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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