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Identify non-ribbon cable limit switch connections

Troubleshooting non-ribbon cable limit switches. I will take you through a few simple steps to identify the issue.
Since you don't have a ribbon cable which contains the limit switches, limit switches are connected via the connector behind the ribbon connector (alternative limit switch connector).
If you have reversed x-y limit switches or the limit switches don't get their power (if they are electronic vs mechanic) then the machine does not home.
Steps to identify the issue:
1. Move the x axis gantry to it's end stop and read out the status in the LightBurn console by entering: ?<enter> (no quotes, enter = return key)
2. Read the return status: Pn:XZAB
3. Move he x axis gantry away it's end stop and read out the status (Pn:ZAB), no X
If that read as described the X limit works, if not then we know it's the wiring of the limit connector or the limit switch is inverted
4. Do the same for Y axis
If both don't read out engaged Pn:XYZAB then we have no power at the limit switches (if they are electronic otherwise mechanic limit switch lines x,y,gnd are mixed up)
The wiring of the limit switches should be:
The best way to identify if you have electronic limit switches is to count the wires (4 or 5). Mechanical has only 3 wires (X,Y,Gnd).
You can look at the silkscreen on the M2 Nano stock controller to see what each wire stands for (x,y,gnd,5v) and orientate the connector or wires appropriately and connect on the mini Gerbil connector.
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Colin Klapka
Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

If limits do work but the machine does not home and you have mechanical limit switches then increase the pull off distance in $27 (i.e. 4 mm instead of default 2.5mm)

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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