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How to set the current on the step driver


I purchased my Gerbil during the kick start and am finally trying to install it on my machine and I found that one of the drivers was bad.

I ordered replacement step drivers and need to know how to set it for the stock K40 motors.

I have seen videos on YouTube of how to set them but am not sure of what the setting would be, would 0.76 be the setting for the stock motors?

Also, what is the improvements from the kickstart gerbil to the new mini gerbil?

I have set them at 0.72 and I was running some tests and I find the X axis motor seems to get hot while the Y axis motor just gets barely warm.

Paul, what are your boards set at when you ship them?

The stepper drivers are set to 0.4V (500-700mA) for best performance in the K40. It might be possible you have a defect step stick when the motor gets hot.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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