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Gerbil continually goes into hold state

When raster engraving, the gerbil is going into hold state intermittently. There is no rhyme or reason to it although it seems to happen more when it's running steady dark parts of the engraving.

I'm not 100% sure but the planner buffer on CNCJS looks like it hits red briefly before it happens but I may have only witnessed this once.

I have installed pause/resume/abort buttons on the gerbil and all I have to do is hit resume and it goes back to engraving. However, if I resume through CNCJS, I must first hit pause then resume and when I do this the console usually feeds back an "invalid command at line" warning which is usually a positional change. It still resumes though with no issue.

Not sure what it means or why it's happening. Any tips?

Did you find any reason for this happening?

I'm adding the 3 buttons now and ran them down with the PWM wire.

I'm wondering if noise from the PWM line would be an issue....

Did you run your switches separate?

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