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Gerbil connection issue

Hi All ,

I have just installed my second gerbil after the first one died. when it connects to my laptop in the console window of lightburn it displays a whole heap of garbage like ASCI charecters ,and stops a few seconds after the job has started .

i have reinstalled lightburn and FTDI drivers for windows 7 and still the same .

has anyone had this issue or could help solve this problem.

i would appreciate any ideas

thanks all

kind regards ,


Check you baud rate, make sure 115200. I don't use lightburn, but have you attempted to connect with CNCjs or LaserGRBL to test and see if it reacts the same way with those senders when you connect?

You may have a bad flash on the gerbil.

hi gmonsey ,

first of all thanks for the reply , I have checked the baud rate and mine is 115200 but no i have not checked the gerbil with CNCjs or laserGRBL .

I will try that and check its behavior and let ya know also i will take a pic of what is doing.


I mention the baud rate because I do alot of tinkering with arduino's, micro's, nano's Uno's and Mega's and generally when I get alot of garbage output in the IDE terminal, weird ASCII characters like that, it is because of a baud rate mismatch. ( Could also be a bad USB cable, I buy alot of dollar store USB cable's to hack/cut up for the wires, every now and them one will make it's way into my good stuff and duino's don't like them much )

I have noticed on my Gerbil, some of the configuration settings just randomly change. My  X steps changed from 160 to 2, overnight. Only thing I did was shut down at night and fire back up the next morning and my X wouldn't move ( it was moving but slowly, had to put my hand on the stepper just to be able to tell it was doing something).

That's why I recommend laserGRBl to check configuration when there is a problem, quick and easy, fire up lasergrbl, $$, check configuration, test homing and general movement, and move on.

But I mostly use LaserWeb for actually cutting and engraving.

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