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Flashing Firmware

So I'm not sure what happened, but my computer is no longer reading the gerbil controller.  I previously fixed an issue similar to this by flashing the firmware.  I'm trying to do this again, but I'm having trouble finding the correct settings.  I'm attempting to use the Arduino IDE to flash grbl.  I moved both jumpers to the UART0 position.  I've tried using several different board settings, trying different COM ports, verified baud rates, and different USB cables / ports.

I've attached a screenshot of the errors I keep getting....

Any help would be awesome

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I had a problem with a recent Windows 10 update where I could not communicate with the Gerbil board.  I updated the driver  for both the COM port and the appropriate Universal Serial Bus Controller.  Now I can connect with Lightburn and cncjs but I fail with the Inkscape plugin - still looking into that issue.


Thanks, but I'm on Windows 7, and when I open CNCjs to connect to the laser, it connects but the grbl prompt never shows.(Grbl 1.1f ['$' for help])
So I'm thinking something got corrupt with the main board grbl program... which is why I'm trying to re-flash it.

The best free software to flash the board is eXtremeburner from http://www.extermeElectronics.co.in

The 328PB is not listed as a device but if you choose 328 or 328p it let's you continue.

The fuses settings are:

Use a USB based programmer like the USBasp etc. Drivers are often not digitally signed so you might need to use zadig,exe to install usblib (also available on my downloads page)

Cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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