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External Stepper Drivers MG3

Prepping to build a 600mm x 400mm cutter/engraver using miniGerbil v3.  Under the v3 specs it mentions see external driver setup but there's no link and I've stumbled around the site but can't find this detailed info.

Perhaps there's someone else here who built a larger then K40 without a Roeda controller.  I get all the machine control I want from Lightburn with my current K40.


You can extend the rails in the K40 and use the existing stepper motors. Just adjust the x and y axis length parms in the $ settings config $130 and $131.

There are external stepper drivers that use step, enable and direction signals. You can use header pins in the step driver socket to feed these signals to an external driver. Various sites do sell them but just using header pins might be an easy option to try it out. Step is often referred as Pulse on those external step drivers.

cheers, Paul


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Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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