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Error 3, and no PWM signal

Just received my mini Gerbil, wired up with a switch for PWM for the as per the "Alternate K40 with Digital Control Panel" within the wiring diagram. With a DPST switch.

Mini Gerbil communicates with LightBurn and will move, jog, trace, etc... but not fire when the switch is in the PWM from Gerbil mode. Not with any % of power.

When I put the switch in the other mode (IN to POT middle); I get firing from the laser (obviously because the Gerbil is setting LO (Laser On) to High.  However all movements contain laser fire, including moves between cuts. - I expect this is a function of the board enabling LO for the job and then relying on PWM for actual control.

This last part I can accept that including the switch may not have been suitable in my case, however, I cant seem to get any PWM signal from the board.

Its late now, and tomorrow I will take my actual PWM tester down to see if there is signal, but I wanted to post this up and see if this is intended behavior and I might be missing a mode or something simple.

Is there a GRBL command to test the PWM output and fire the laser?




Never mind, I found my issue and happy to admit it.
I wired the switch wrong. I was wiring the PWM signal into the 5V rail of the Pot and not the IN.

All good and up and running now.

I also noticed that 60% PWM is 20Ma on the laser power output, is this a normal figure?

Hi, you might need to calibrate the power range to match it better to your tube ($30 setting)

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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