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Digital display alongside lightburn.

This is my first post on here, so not sure if this is in the correct place. Anyway first of all I'm over the moon with the MG, and now having the ability to run lightburn. I have the digital display k40, which seems to be working well with the new board and software. The only thing I wish I could still do, is have the ability to control the power on the fly. Having to stop the burn and adjust power, then restart again is a pain while running tests. So my question is, is it possible to run the digital display alongside lightburn. I would love the ability to set everything up in lightburn, and then be able to dial the power in on the fly at the laser. I hope someone has a answer to enable this, but be aware I'm not electricaly minded, so unless there is a video showing how it's done or a plug and play part il get confused with the electrical lingo. Lol

Hi Barry, I understand the pain since it's a lot of trial and error. Unfortunately you cannot increase the power on the fly in LightBurn but there is a work around. You can save the g code data from Lightburn and use a G code sender e.g. cncjs or UGS to load and send the file. These programs have the ability to override the power in increments.

Switching from Mini Gerbils PWM to the Control Panel is not possible since Lightburn does not switch of the Laser during traveling between cuts so you will get travel cuts too. They use just the laser strength in stead of laser strength and laser enable because that saves data according to the LightBurn devs.

cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Thanks for the reply Paul. Looks like il be staying as I am, as I wouldn't know where to start messing with g codes. Maybe we should all start beginning lightburn to include this ability in one of their updates lol.

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