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Coincident problem?

This morning I installed the new version of Lightburn. Prior to the installation, everything (K40 w/Mini Gerbil, last version of Lightburn) was working well. After I loaded the new version, my carriage will home, respond to Move command, and move through the program when I hit Play, but the laser won't fire. I unistalled, reinstalled the former version, and now I can't get it to fire there, either. Posted on the Lightburn forum, followed some suggestions, but to no avail (this is the link to the conversation: https://forum.lightburnsoftware.com/t/no-juice-in-new-version/2398).

Oz suggests it might be a coincident board problem. What am I missing/doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


BTW, when I hit Play on Lightburn, LED1 on the Mini Gerbil is on constantly, LED2 flashes while design is being run. Also, in addition to being plugged into a grounded outlet, I have a ground wire running from the Ground Wire Joint on the K40 to a solid building ground.

I have LightBurn-v0.9.01 on my windows 10 laptop and it is working with my K40 and mini gerbil.  I have not updated the desktop that is my primary controller for the K40 yet but the laptop test is a good indicator that you might have a settings issue.  Does your laser fire if you run a gcode file with cncjs or the inkscape plugin?

I think I'm making progress. I've got the older version of Lightburn working and will try out v.0.9.01 later today. I basically tore everything down, returned to OEM, stripped the computer then reinstalled everything again, including the Mini Gerbil. I'm not sure what's different now, but I'm not complaining. There are, however, days when I wish I went to engineering school instead of seminary!


Hi, the developer from LightBurn did broke the boards in release 0.9.0. and

We worked together on a temporary fix which can be downloaded here



Thanks and keep us posted on any issues!


Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Thanks for the work that must have gone into this. However, when I try to install, I get the following error message:

This program can only be installed on versions of Windows designed for the following processor architectures: x64 ltanium



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