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Any chance someone can explain how to connect and setup CNCjs with the Gerbil board please.

I'm having some real issues with Inkscape streaming to the laser, it crashes alot.
92.2 would do more but would fail, after reading on here it needed to be v92 i downgraded.


I can connect, but i'm not sure where to set the laser commands.
So all i can do is home...



Laser commands can be entered in the black window in the lower left.  Type a $ and you should see the help menu returned.  Type $$ and you should get all of the $ settings.

Cheers Dave, Managed to work some of it out.
Getting somewhere now.

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  • getting-some.jpg

First complete cut.

Finally getting the hang of it.

Engraving didn't go so well but it might just be the image.

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  • received_10155539932272400.jpeg

Iamdaniel, looks great. Post some of the things you made!

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech


Having also problems to understand how to configure and use CNCjs. All I could achieve was typing $H into the console and then watch the whole thing go bonkers - making really ugly sound when it reached "home" and trying to get further home or something (then I quickly turn off the whole machine to hopefully prevent any damage...).

By the way ... can home be where you want it? Or always upper left ... it wants to go to lower left when trying to come home. How can I set home?

How can I reset CNCjs? I am totally lost right now... The laser seems to be on all the time - this isn't normal either, is it?

Well.. just don't know where to start, what questions to ask to get started 🙂 At least it moves - so the controller seems to do the job (and I have plugged in at least some cables correctly).

Thanks in advance for any tips&tricks that help me understanding all this new CNC world!



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