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Catan Board

I wanted to share a few pictures of my completed Catan board with you guys.  I haven't had time to take too many pictures of the board, but wanted to share what I do have.  I combined a few other's designs along with a few of my own and laser cut the mainboard out of hardwoods, and the Seafarer's expansion out of maple ply.  To make it stand out from the other boards i've seen online I created a box with 'molds' for the pieces that I made from layering laser-cut plywood.


My Brother and I love Catan, and always get games going over the holidays.  Last Christmas I thought it would be really cool to make one out of nice wood, so I did some googling and found the world of laser cutting.  I was determined to create this board one way or another and have it ready to gift to my brother in time for Christmas 2019.  6 months ago, when I started this journey, I had never touched a CNC machine or knew what a K40 laser cutter even was, but I knew I really wanted to make this board happen and thought the price of a K40 was too good to not give this a shot, so I ordered one.  A month later I found myself entrenched in this amazing rabbit hole.  I found you guys here at Awesome.Tech and the amazing Gerbil controller, and the even better customer support and responsiveness from the creaters!!  The support from Dan and Paul is amazing, and I credit them for keeping me from giving up when encountering the numerous user error issues replacing my stock K40 controller.


I never thought I would be able to create this board and fulfill my own expectations for it, and well ahead of schedule at that!  I also found myself having so much fun in this world that it took me a while to upload this as I have been pounding away at a few more projects now!  But when I first started with the gerbil controller Paul had helped me a bunch with some issues, and I said I would post this when I made it, so here I am.


Thank you Paul & Dan!

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Hi, this is truly amazing workmanship! We are always very pleased when we see our mini gerbil users create stuff. We are very impressed what you created here and maybe you can even create new games, the sky is the limit with a creative mind...

Keep going and show any pictures!

Cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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