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Blue light?

Having issues with a new install. I'm using lightburn and I've managed to get it moving around. problem is when the laser fires the board stops responding and stops and a little blue light turns on? it will continue to move as long as the laser is switched off. I've checked my grounding and all seems good.

Hi Cameron, the blue led is just an indicator for the LO (laser on signal) as a diagnostic help. So that LO signal works. I think the PSU creates a lot of noise which goes into the MG and making it stop. You can feed the MG via the USB port. Just move the jumper bridge from 5vExt to 5vUSB. See if that helps.

The jumper sits close to the processor (JP1).


Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Thanks for the fast reply Paul.

The gerbil is running on USB power when this happens, it also happens when it's supplied by the laser PSU.

Any other ideas on how to stop this noise?


Cheers, Cameron

Hi Cameron, this is a hard one. Maybe try to find which cables do generate the noise by re position them. One user had the air pump in the k40 hence the MG stopped as soon the air pump ran. It took me a lot of emails to find this out.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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