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Another gerbil print

This is an engraving of one of my father's (George A Gale) etchings called "A Dead Whale Or A Stove Boat" that he made c1930.  The original was a dark print that he made on the etching press that he also made so it has been difficult to reproduce on the K40 until now.  This print was made at 10 pixels/mm and speed 1500.  It is a 6x8 print.  The original is the framed print.

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Hi Dave, try to print it at 750mm/s and 15pix/mm and show us the result.

Cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

OK - I see the reasoning now.  The higher speed lessens the intensity of the print.  750 looks much better - photo to follow - this is taking about 7 hours for the 6x8 print.

I think I can go a bit faster - this is darker than I need - maybe around 850.  At least I am starting to understand the intensity vs speed relationship now.

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You can calibrate the darkness via the $30 setting. It’s set at 2048 by default. Setting it to a lower range like 1500 makes the engraving darker. You setting the grbl settings via agcode sender. E.g. cncjs is a free gcode sender which works great. Search for cncjs and binary download for the easiest installation.

Is the $30 value something that could be added as a setting on the Raster Gcode extension panel in Inkscape some day?  Can it be at the beginning of a Gcode file?

Yes that would be,an excellent idea. I could assign a gcode letter to that. Btw yoy can lower the $30 value which makes the picture darker and increase the speed to make it lighter. It's just finding the best balance ????

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

OK - a bit of work in gimp and some tinkering in Inkscape finally gave me another print that looks a lot better.  Needed gimp to intensify the levels in some areas and reduce in others - haven't found a good way to do that in Inkscape yet.  Also included is a new print of the indians attacking a stagecoach which did not have the greyscale showing up very well.  that one still needs some more work in gimp to get right but it is much better now.  Oil paintings are problematic and need a lot of adjustments to manipulate the colors so they will even show up without some colors being too dark.  Both of these are 4x6 which used to take just under 4 hours with the old plugin but the new beta version completed each in about 2 hours - vast improvement.

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