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Alarm 9 Half way through cutting

I intermittently get Alarm 9 error half way though a cut. Happens about 30% of the time. I have tried

Changing USB lead
Switching to USB power on the board

I also get the USB disconnect sound when this happens.

I had the machine working fine with the standard K40 board. Hooked it back up and no issues.

Alarm 9 states homing error. It homes fine BTW. Guess it's just a default error code for general comms issue?

Any idea's as been like this for months and so thinking it's possible faulty board? All other USB devices work on the machine fine so don't think it's a motherboard or USB issue.

Hi Matt, I speculate that there is electrical noise coming thru the limit wiring triggering the limits and raising an error. If it was the board we would have seen other strange random messages popping up.

Please can you reroute the wiring away from the 240VAC mains at the power psu terminals or better send a few photos of the wiring so I\we can spot the issue. If this does not work then we can swap the board for a replacement. Cheers Paul

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matt gorse
Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Yes to anyone reading this the power unit was on its way out. I re-routed the cables away from the power unit and has been all good since.

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