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Simple Mods for my K40

The following are some simple items that I made for my K40, More to come as I test them out.

K40 Smoke and Air Assist (Remix of Sebastien's post):

I use smoke assist for when I am engraving only, to push the smoke towards the exhaust and away from the part, it also keeps the smoke away from my lens. I do not use air assist while engraving because I do not want to force the soot and smoke down onto the part.

I use smoke and air assist while cutting.

Gerbil Board Fan Mount:

Gerbil Mounting Base:                              


ScorchWorks Spring loaded Table:

A video by ScorchWorks on how it works:

Uploaded files:
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  • GerbilBase.jpg
  • K40-Example.jpg
  • Fan_mount.jpg

Really nice write up and happy to see people improving the K40 and doing 3d prints at home!

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