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Duplicated image

Machine was working fine.  Now I'm getting a double image on fine letters and small images.  It kept coming out blurred and after close inspection noticed that there were 2 letters instead of one.  Tried a test by just engraving a line and that is when I found out that the machine is not printing in the same place on the return stroke or I think it engraves on the return stroke.  Getting 2 lines instead of 1.  Any ideas what might be causing this?

It's very likely that the belt is slipping. In my two years of k40 ownership and countless hours of operation, I haven't encountered this but many others did. On Google+ you find a lot of posts about the double strokes.

You could do a very slow engraving or cut. If it's now better then inspect your belt tension.

Let me know if this was the case otherwise we need to debug further...

Good luck!

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

It did help but there is still a double image but not as big.  After inspecting the belt it appeared that I have a couple teeth that are almost gone compared to the rest.  The belt also flexed when it was being pulled back to the left.

From your information above, it sounds like I need to replace the belt.  The machine is not even a year old, but the seller on ebay has no record of me purchasing the machine.  So it sounds like I'm on my own.

Can you telll me the size of the belt teeth?  I measured the belt to be about 5mm wide but could not measure the tooth size without taking it out.  In the meantime I will google it to see if I can find this information.

Thanks for all your help.

Hi, The most common belt used with the K40s is GT2 belts (2mm teeth pitch). You can buy them from eBay  for just a few dollars

Cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech
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