This page is one of the steps in Setting Up the Gerbil

Inkscape is free open source graphics software that is the user interface for the Gerbil.  If you haven’t already downloaded and installed Inkscape, please do so now. Make sure you download version 0.92!  In this page we’ll be installing the Gerbil plugins, so that Inkscape can communicate to your Gerbil.

1  Open Inkscape and navigate to Edit/Preferences to take note of which folder your User Extensions are stored.  Close Inkscape.

2  Click on the link below to download our open source plugins, then save or copy the file to the User Extension folder you just looked up.  

(the above file contains both extensions: K40 laser cutting gcode generator,  K40 laser engaving gcode generator)

3  Unzip the downloaded file.

4  Open the Inkscape application and check that the above extensions are visible under the Extensions menu.

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