If your K40 power supply is the one shown below, you’re in the right place! You can tell by looking at the number and spacing of the green terminal blocks.

The K40 Type 1 Power supply (MYJG40W NG)

[NOTE: photos shown are illustrative – your wire colors may differ. The wiring connections is what matters.]

Step 0 – Turn off your K40 at the wall

Step 1 – Choose your mounting option

Mini Gerbil Mounting OptionsInstructions
Install alongside the Nano controller using the adhsesive PCB standoffs – fast and convenient for an initial installationPush the PCB standoffs through the MG’s corner holes until the small tab engages.  Rotate the standoff untill the tab faces the nearest corner (enabling easy removal later).  Wipe mounting plate clean.  Remove adhesive backing and push onto mounting plate.
Re-use the existing Nano mounting place – great for a long term solutionWith a permanent marker, label the white plugs going into the Nano controller. Photograph the Nano controller including labelled plugs before unplugging the cables from the Nano. Unbolt the K40’s existing controller mounting plate and remove the Nano. Screw the Mini Gerbil to the Nano’s mounting place. Plug the labelled cables as described in instructions
Time to make a mounting decision…

Step 2 – Review installation diagram and plug in

Installation diagram for a typical K40 (ribbon cable)

The following table guides you through connecting according to the diagram above:

YELLOW BOXDANGER – DO NOT TOUCH.  DO NOT CHANGE.  Existing High Voltage connections
BLACK wires  do not changeExisting front panel connections
Existing 24V Cable with large 4 wire connector  Remove from Nano and plug into Mini Gerbil J3.  Fit connector key towards the centre of the board and lock inProvides 24V DC for the stepper motors and 5V DC power for the Mini Gerbil’s processing.
Existing Ribbon cableRemove from Nano and plug into J4.  Ensure the ribbon cable’s metal contacts touch the socket’s metal contacts.  If there’s no ribbon cable, plug your equivalent limit switch connector to J5, and your equivalent X axis motor connector to J7.The ribbon connector supplies the X direction stepper motor, and both limit switches.
Existing small 4 wire cable with connector  Remove from Nano and plug into Mini Gerbil J6Y axis stepper motor connector
Existing wire connecting to IN connector (red dashed)Unscrew the existing wire from IN connector shown in red dash and insulate with electrical tape.  Now plug in the supplied wire between the IN connector and Mini Gerbil J1 PWM.Laser strength is now controlled digitally by your Mini Gerbil and software, not the K40’s front panel.
Additional featuresWhere they exist, connect your laser’s additional features including Fault, Safety Door and Abort to this connector.2 is optional, as these features aren’t available on all K40’s.  

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