As soon as you move beyond cutting rectangle and circles, you may notice that the vertical orientation of images is reversed between your screen and the laser cut image within your K40.

There are a various options for managing the orientation of Y-axis, with most users preferring the software option:

  • Software option – The Engrave extension for Inkscape already has a Y-axis flip (mirror) option, and we’re looking into doing the same with the Cut extension for Inkscape.  In the mean time, simply use the Inkscape menu options to select Edit/Select All, then Object/Flip Vertical.


  • Hardware option (optional) – first, turn the K40 off at the powerpoint.  Use the Gerbil setup instructions to find the Y axis plug into your Gerbil.  Simply rotate the plug 180′, and the Y axis will be flipped. However the Y axis end stop switch has to move as well otherwise you cannot home the machine.  The solution is to turn the Y end stop 90 degrees and move the end flag to front of the machine. The other option (see above) is to use just software and leave the existing end stop switch in its place. (note: the hardware option follows the same orientation as Inkscape)


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