The Kickstarter funds are in!

Hi Backers,

Having now received your pledges from Kickstarter, we’re all stations go !

We’ve already placed orders with the various suppliers for Gerbil components, and some of the first pro-pack reward components have already express shipped to our fulfillment centre at Skyzer Technologies Australia. Planning is underway with Skyzer to integrate, test and ship the rewards once the final components arrive. Our PCB manufacturing partners, pcbway have started to produce the circuit boards.

While ordering, we were shocked to learn that the world stock of AVR chips went from over 12,000 at each major component re-seller (i.e. Digikey, Mouser, Element14 etc) to nearly zero in the very short period of Kickstarter reviewing the project. Unfortunately there’s no working around AVR availability – this is just one of those curve balls that life throws us ! Maybe a car manufacturer or similar bought out all stock for a large project… all very mysterious… The back order date for the chips is 10-11 weeks which pushes our shipping date back to November or December. Our sincere apologies for this completely unforeseen event. I’m working hard with a different chip supplier to track back some stock, so don’t despair yet!  They responded this morning with a quote and stock so I’m going back to PCBways to get it going.

Back in our Awesome.Tech headquarters, I have been busy integrating a streaming feature into the Inkscape plugins. So, watch this space.

For those worried about their final shipping address changing due to moving houses, or other reasons, I will send out a survey to confirm shipping address when we’re close to shipping. In terms of keeping you updated, we’d like to commit to every 3 weeks from now and increase the communications as we approach shipping date.

Thanks and see you in 3 weeks from here!

Best regards, Paul

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